• G4C14_YT-plenary

    G4C14: Keynotes and Plenary

    At the 2014 Festival, we heard from top-notch game makers and leading researchers who are drawing on games to tackle intractable challenges in health, economics, education, and more. Read more

  • G4C14_YT-awards2

    G4C14: Awards & Special Events

    Celebrate the best games of 2014, with our Games for Change Awards Ceremony, Pitch Event, Shoot for the Moon Game Design Contest Finals, and the National STEM Challenge Awards. Read more

  • G4C14_YT-industry-engagement_argubot2

    G4C14: Industry Engagement & Partnerships

    Partnerships and sharing lessons learned are key to growing our field. Speakers shared trends from the games industry and business models for game developers both large and small. Read more

  • G4C14_YT-indie

    G4C14: Independent Efforts and Creators

    Solo game makers and small independent teams share their latest games, challenges, and research. Plus, game experts give close readings of Gone Home and Paper, Please in the Well Played series. Read more

  • G4C14_YT-learning-and-assesment

    G4C14: Games for Learning and Assessment

    We launched a public discourse that aims to spell out big-picture frameworks for change games, and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center returns with experts on learning games. Read more

  • G4C14_YT-mini-talks

    G4C14: Mini-Talks

    For the first time, we hosted a series of short and sweet mini-talks, which covered everything from banned games to Minecraft and world peace and beyond. Read more

  • Learn_video_G4C13_Keynotes

    G4C13: Keynotes

    Seven thought leaders from the video game industry reflected on the history and future of games for social change at the 10th Annual Games for Change Festival in daily mini-keynotes. Read more

  • Learn_video_G4C13_Speakers

    G4C13: Speakers (All)

    All recorded presentations from the 10th Anniversary Games for Change Festival, excluding keynotes. The videos can be sorted by topic: social impact, game making, and learning games. Read more

  • Learn_video_G4C13_SexEtc

    G4C13: Sex Etc. Game Design Competition

    After the three finalists present on stage, we announce the winners of our first game design competition, which offered $35,000 for a prototype promoting safer sex education among teens. Read more

  • Learn-page_video-header_Amplify2

    G4C13: Amplify Learning

    For the first time ever, independent and commercial game designers working with News Corp. subsidiary Amplify on their ambitious portfolio of learning games, gathered to share their work so far. Read more

  • Learn_video_G4C13_HTS

    G4C13: Half the Sky Movement: The Game

    Experts from Zynga, Frima Studio, NGOs, and foundations that partnered with G4C on the Half the Sky Movement: The Game openly share what worked well and what didn’t. Read more

  • g4c12-day-two

    G4C2012: Day Two

    The second day of the 9th Annual Games for Change Festival includes lessons from the commercial sector on making good games and reaching wide audiences. Read more