• Game Databases

    This list of resources will help you find even more social impact, learning, and science- and health-related games. Read more

  • Games for Change Meetup Toolkit Version 2.0

    This 12 page, colorful document covers all the basics you need to know to start your own Games for Change Meetup. Topics include: popular types of Meetup to organize, how to select a venue and date, s timeline (with countdown) on how to plan and execute your Meetup, tips on how to network before, during and after your event – and more! Read more

  • Let the Games Begin: a toolkit for making a Game for Change

    Games for Change created a toolkit specifically targeted towards organizations that want to use digital games to further their social-issue driven missions and outreach. The kit is a resource to help organizations develop a game strategy for outreach and to show them the steps and resources that are necessary to lead a successful project. Read more