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  • Filament thumbnail

    Filament Games

    Filament Games employees come together to offer district administrators, classroom teachers, industry members, and game lovers a view into the world of educational game development. Read more

  • Learn_ImpactGames


    Our new project to get at the big picture, recognizing the growing breadth of games, and seeking new coherence in describing their impact. Better guidelines are needed to evaluate which games deserve funding, how to measure and define success, and how to integrate game design with research. Read more

  • NOVA_Labs_logo2

    NOVA Labs

    Participate in real-world investigations by visualizing, analyzing, and playing with the same data that scientists use. Read more

  • GameSprout


    GameSprout is a community to share and build games. A user creates a game idea, and the community helps them create it. After posting an idea, the community provides feedback … Read more

  • Learn With Portals

    Teach With Portals

    Valve Software has taken one of their most successful games, Portal 2, and created tools to put the physics-based puzzle game into the classroom. Read more

  • Working-Examples

    Working Examples

    WorkingExamples.org is a different kind of online community, a space built for the Reimaginers of Education – those of you who are using technology to change the future of education. Read more

  • Level-UP-by-Scholastic

    Level UP!

    LEVEL UP! features a series of standards-based lessons that provide students with the knowledge and tools to design their own video games—right from the comfort of your classroom. Read more

  • GameDevNet


    An online community for game developers of all levels, from the green beginner to the seasoned industry veteran, featuring frequently updated developer news, thousands of articles and other resources, and active forums. Read more

  • Well-Played-Journal

    Well Played Journal

    The Well Played Journal is a forum for in-depth close readings of video games that parse out the various meanings to be found in the experience of playing a game. Read more

  • YouMedia-by-the-MacArthur-Foundation


    YouMedia is an effort by the MacArthur foundation to re-imagine learning in the 21st Century. Read more

  • jesse3

    Gamepocalypse Now

    A game design blog written by designer and author Jesse Schell. Read more

  • Gameful-logo


    Gameful is an online “Secret HQ” where you can connect with other people who believe in the power of games to make us better and change the world. Read more