Slam City Oracles

Release Date: September 1, 2015

Developer: Jane Friedhoff

Cause as much chaos as possible in this rambunctious, riot grrrl, slam city.



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Slam City Oracles is a rambunctious, riot grrrl, Katamari-meets-Grand Theft Auto physics game, in which you and a friend slam onto the world around you to cause as much chaos as possible in two minutes. Your score is based on the number of objects you send flying at a given time. The harder you slam something, the more likely it is to go spinning and flying away–and that velocity is directly tied to the score it gives you. So slam as much stuff as hard as you can!

Platform: PC/Mac

Press: Kill Screen, Kotaku, AutoStraddle

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  1. 7
    Andrew Scariati
    Total Game Reviews: 8

    Just Good Fun.

    Slam City is about having fun. There is no objective, no pass/fail score threshold, no levels – just a lot of slamming.

    The gameplay itself doesn’t overtly deliver a message, and is more of an expression of empowerment and freedom through a wave of rich colors and music. You can choose to see it as a metaphorical smashing of the patriarchy as you literally soar to new heights with every smash, but the game really is totally yours to interpret or not.

    This is also a great game to play with a friend as you can alternate your slams to bounce higher and higher, increasing your score as you send more random objects flying across your screen.

    I had a lot of fun playing, my only wish is that it was easier to exit out to the main menu when I finished. I had to ctrl+alt+delete, close the game, and re-open it if I wanted to get back to the menu.

    Other than that, it’s simply entertaining and has a classic arcade feel that I had not experienced in a long time.

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