Life is Strange

Release Date: 01/29/2015

Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment

Make choices, rewind time and affect the past, present and future.



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Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionize story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future.

You are Max, a photography senior who saves her old friend Chloe by discovering she can rewind time. The pair soon find themselves exposed to the darker side of Arcadia Bay as they uncover the disturbing truth behind the sudden disappearance of a fellow student.

Meanwhile, Max begins to have premonitions as she struggles to understand the implications of her power. She must quickly learn that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

PC ($19.99), PS4 ($19.99), Xbox One ($19.99)

VentureBeat, Polygon

G4C Awards 2016: Most Significant Impact, Mashable People’s Choice & Game of the Year
BAFTA (2016, Best Story)
Game Developers Choice (GDC) Choice Awards (2016, Audience Award)




  1. 9
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    Life Is Strange is a exceptional story based game split into 5 episodes.

    It features a unique mechanic which allows you to rewind time by holding down the right mouse button. Throughout the story Max will use this in multiple ways to interesting effect. Rewind time in the right way and it will leave you feeling clever and satisfied.

    The atmosphere in the whole thing is great with beautiful art and fantastic music, which does a great job in setting mood. You can take the whole thing at your own pace, I enjoyed letting the music roll as Max lay in bed, or let the camera zoom out as she sat on a park bench. But you don’t have to. You can just follow the tasks at hand and skip these moments. Or explore every little detail: posters in school or crumpled up paper on the floor. When you do look at things, you hear Max’s perspective and thoughts on them, which helps develop her character.

    The game tells you that you make choices and they will have consequences and this is definitely true. You literally have the power of life or death. i will definitely be giving this game a second run through.

    It is not an open world without restrictions and so it can sometimes feel like it is on rails a little. For example you may be in a room and the game will not let you leave as you have a task to do in the room. But this does not feel like a bad thing, the plot and the scenes are developing and your choices matter.

    Very occasionally I felt the puzzles did not hit the mark: One time Chloe sent Max to pick up bottles, which was basically the games designers excuse to make me look around the beautiful level full of interesting things, or another time a puzzle would seem like trial and error. But in general the designers got it bang on.

    I felt the storytelling was great, with wonderful build up, a few twists and lots of variety and changes in pace.
    Each Episode is only a few pounds so there is no excuse not to try it!

  2. 10
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    An absolutely beautiful game with great graphics and a good story line I highly suggest it to anybody and it is worth the money. Very good indeed.

  3. 10
    Andrew Scariati
    Total Game Reviews: 8

    One of the best story-based games I’ve played, if not the best.

    The open-ended areas offer great rewards for people who take the time to explore small details and challenges you to consider all of your choices almost as if they were going to affect your life. The immersive, beautiful, and meticulously designed environment really contributes to this feeling.

    The time-rewind mechanic is great and does not detract from the weight of each choice you make, but rather adds to it by showing you the immediate effects of your choices, but not the long term effects. Analyzing and re-thinking situations based on your long-term and short-term goals is an amazing quality of this game.

    It looks, feels, and sounds beautiful from the very beginning and carries the momentum well.

    However you choose to play and whatever choices you make, you will walk away having had an experience you will probably remember for a long time.

    For $20, it is well worth your time and the cost.

  4. 9
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    Beautiful atmospheric game with lots to discover and explore.

    The narrative is very deep and well elaborated which is very rare for a non-linear game such as Life is Strange. The graphics are well designed yet simple.

    Although it seemed like every decision I made would impact later narrative, it still felt pretty limited in terms of possible outcomes and interactions.

    Nonetheless, this was a once in a lifetime kind of experience, not just a gaming experience but a complex mix of creative ideas and arts (graphics, narrative, game mechanic, music and sound effect, etc.).

    Life is Strange is a must play and has already imposed itself as a cornerstone of modern video games.

  5. 9
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    Life is Strange is beautifully created and very well thought-out, and it definitely shows. Each player’s outcome can be different based on the choices that you make. The art style is beautiful, the character progression is amazing, there’s lot of backstory that you learn along the episodes. I absolutely enjoyed playing through this game.

  6. 10
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    This is hands down one of the best games to play. The storyline was amazing, the soundtrack was awesome, and the characters were very relatable. Love this to the moon and back.

  7. 10
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    Gorgeous game — dazzlingly cinematic, the soundtrack is great, the writing is excellent overall (although occasionally Chloe’s teen uber cool/clever dialog can get a bit annoying — to adult ears, anyway). The story and world really pull you in. Some great twists and plot developments. Sometimes the puzzles are difficult and maybe could have been designed so they’d be more fun and intuitive to solve, but there’s one in there in particular — the hardest one is all I’ll say so as not to spoil it… and that one I found to extremely satisfying, complex as it was. The ending of the game is emotionally moving and gives you a real sense of power/agency as the player. One of my favorite games of all time.

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