Games for Change Meetup Toolkit Version 2.0

Games for Change Meetup EverywhereSince the launch of the Meetup Everywhere website in late September of 2010, we’ve seen successful Games for Change Meetups initiated in 14 countries, including: Austria, Canada, The UK, Hungary, China, and India, among others. It’s great to see how enthusiasts of social impact games from all over the world utilize this framework to self organize Meetups, share information and meet like minded people in their local communities.  We followed up with some of the first organizers and many are continuing to grow their local Meetups and have bigger plans for 2011. As we want to see even more Meetups happen and help more people to put together fun and meaningful events, we’ve created the Meetup Everywhere Toolkit (version 1.0) Meetup Everywhere Toolkit (version 2.0)!


This 12 page, colorful document covers all the basics you need to know to start your own Meetup. Topics include:

– Popular types of Meetup to organize
– How to select a venue and date
– A timeline (with countdown) on how to plan and execute your Meetup
– Tips on how to network before, during and after your event

You can download the Games for Change Meetup toolkit here.
Download the Games for Change Meetup editable logo here 

We hope this toolkit helps those on the fence about organizing a Meetup for the first time. Putting together a great Meetup is easier than it seems! Good luck and feel free to send an e-mail to our Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager, Jeff Ramos, as you are working on your local Meetup. We want to hear your feedback and tell your story on our blog.