Suzanne Seggerman

Suzanne Seggerman is an award-winning non-profit leader and public speaker, with a long career dedicated to helping people and causes across a variety of media and platforms. Currently based in Kenya, Africa, Suzanne is a Strategic Planner at the Hawker’s Market Girls Center, a school for girls from the slums of Nairobi. Before moving to Kenya, Suzanne was co-founder and former president of Games for Change, which she led for six years, becoming the catalyzer and primary voice for a new movement. She has been featured as an expert in national and international press and has given talks or keynotes at around the world, including at Sundance, Global Contents Forum Seoul, SXSW, PopTech, TEDx, and Harvard Human Rights. Suzanne has also served as an advisor, juror, and invited expert on a wide variety of social impact projects including the White House’s Innovations for Healthy Kids Challenge, Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Knight Foundation’s News Game Awards, and many others. She is also the co-founder of PETLab, a design and research lab for public interest and educational media at the New School, launched with the support of mTV and the MacArthur Foundation. Before Games for Change, Suzanne worked in documentary film, including as Production Manager on the Ken Burns/Stephen Ives PBS series, “The West.” Suzanne is a proud volunteer for Visiting Neighbors and is also a nationally-rated Scrabble player.

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