Leandro Huerto

Leandro Huerto is the Social Media and Community Manager for Games for Change where he delivers communications and digital strategies for all of G4C’s programs and new initiatives to establish brand vision and experience. Leandro’s work involves promoting G4C’s mission; serving as the vital link between G4C and its global community of game developers and designers, NGOs, funders and businesses using games to catalyze social change.

Further from his role at G4C, Leandro develops projects with other nonprofit organizations working in the intersecting field of art, technology, education, and social justice. He holds a Licentiate degree in Political Science & Public Management from University Complutense of Madrid, with a specialization in European Union Studies undertaken at King’s College London, and a Masters degree in Digital Media & Technology from Goldsmiths University of London. During his free time you will find Leandro playing video games, creating experimental films and movement-based performances.

Contact: leandro (at) gamesforchange (dot) org

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