Kurt Young

Kurt is the founder and CEO of Mokuni LLC. Mokuni is a New York based gaming company producing video games and also utilizing VR/AR. Kurt is an active member of the NYC gaming community, he has spoke at various industry events hosted by Google, Microsoft, Unity, Boston Fig, and IGDA.

Since 2013, Kurt has been leading Mokuni team to develop and publish mobile game projects. Their game “Kitty in the Box” has been featured on major platforms including the App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Microsoft Store, and has tens of millions of downloads.

Kurt is a strong believer in using games for social change. With over 10 years of experience in game development and animation production, he has been constantly exploring on using gamification for neuro-rehabilitation. His award winning project “Jukai-Ocean of Trees” is a well-received commentary and reflection on the struggle to save a loved one from taking their own life.

Kurt holds a MFA in Computer Art degree from the School of Visual Arts, and he is a certified member of Mental Health First Aid. Prior to founding Mokuni, he has worked professionally as a game developer and visual development artist in Shanghai.


Follow him at: @Kurt_Young

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