Dan White

Dan White is a founding partner and Chief Product Officer at Filament Games, an educational game design and development studio in Madison, WI. Founded in 2005, Filament’s 20 title portfolio includes a diversity of STEM, literacy, and civics education games developed for clients such as National Geographic’s JASON Science and Sandra Day O’Connor’s iCivics. Dan’s principal responsibilities include: process management, business development, strategic and financial planning, outreach, and client relations. Dan holds a BS in communication technologies from Cornell University and an MS in educational communications and technology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Prior to founding Filament, Dan designed instructional technologies at the UW Division of Information Technology and the Academic ADL Co-Lab. Prior to that he served as production/art lead on the Cornell Theory Center’s NSF-funded SciCentr project, a series of online virtual worlds created for informal science and technology outreach.

Dan serves on the advisory board for Games for Change and is a founding member of the GLS (Games Learning Society) organization at UW – Madison. Dan’s prime professional directive is to deliver game experiences that broaden perspectives, educate, and spark inspiration.


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