Make games with us at our NYC Student Challenge Moveable Game Jams!

G4C Student Challenge Moveable Game Jam

Starting October 15, Games for Change will be hosting a series of four Moveable Game Jams, with support from the HIVE Digital Media Learning Fund, as a part of our G4C Student Challenge in New York City. Inspired by HIVE’s previous Moveable Game Jams with the Museum of the Moving Image a couple years ago, we also want to create an environment where students can utilize game development resources to create a rewarding learning experience for first time coders.

We are excited to announce that our first all-day Moveable Game Jam will kick off on October 15 inside the historic Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx. All NYC middle and high school students are invited to participate, even those with no previous game design experience! Don’t miss the morning tricks of the trade workshop, where students can interact with professional game designers and civic leaders to discuss how games can be used for social impact in our world. Free lunch will also be provided for participants.

Register for this free event here!

Students will learn aspects of game design in the four unique game design stations run by our awesome partners:

  • Coder Dojo NYC: Digital Haunted House: Craft your own interactive haunted house in Scratch! Halloween is coming up soon, so what better way to set the mood than to tell your own spooky stories and characters through a game?
  • Spazecraft/Soh Nup EDU: Sonic Scavenger Hunt & Monster Mash Up: Join DJ Spazecraft as he tries to solve audio puzzles by discovering different sounds to record all around us. Afterwards, have a go at creating your own Frankenstein monster song, and even get a chance to perform it!
  • Museum of the Moving Image: Movie Inspired Game: Fan of both movies and games? The Museum of the Moving Image challenges you to create an original game inspired by classic films. Transform your favorite story into an interactive experience!
  • Award-winning game educator Matt Farber and Kevin Miklasz: Recreating Fluxx: Fluxx is the card game with ever changing rules. Learn how to play this exciting new game and try your own hand at redesigning it with your very own rules!

Can’t make this Movable Game Jam? Mark your calendars for November 5 at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens and December 3 at Brooklyn College Community Partnership (BCCP) in Brooklyn! The upcoming game jam themes are Smart Cities, Local Stories & Immigrant Voices, and Climate Change.

If you have further questions, please contact [email protected]


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