Announcing the finalists of the
Pocket Change Game Design Challenge

Transformance Pocket Change Game Design Challenge

Games for Change and Transformance are thrilled to announce the top five finalists for the Pocket Change Game Design Challenge! Following three rounds of jury deliberation, five submissions have been selected as finalists and invited to participate in a live pitch event in Dallas, Texas on March 18. The pitch event will take place in front of a high-profile jury and will determine the challenge winner and recipient of the $10,000 cash prize.

Learn more about the challenge here and meet our finalists!

Once Upon a Knight…
Submitted by Parking Lot Studios

A resource management game where players take on the role of a young serf, who is impoverished and in debt. Through good financial planning, turn him into a hero of legend. Even heroes need to plan for their financial future!

Submitted by Parsley Team
Walk through life facing a series of decisions that heavily influence your financial well-being. Every time you save money, you save the game’s progress. As the game difficulty slowly increases, saving becomes vital so you don’t have to start over!

Saving Pennies
Submitted by Rajée Jones

An arcade-based puzzle game focused on teaching players to build wealth and overcome debt through saving strategies and repayment plans. Time-based interactions allow users to see real-world scenarios that inspires financial literacy and independence.

MentaMorph Money
Submitted by Susan Meredith

In this experiential learning game, players make decisions in a timely manner as they would in the real world, with Help topics providing detail for the concepts. Throughout multiple rounds in the game, players can see how choices affect their financial situation over time and are introduced to financial terminology.

Submitted by JR Honeycutt

Lifestyle challenges players to build their future through smart investing and careful planning. Players “earn” money each day on a timer similar to Clash of Clans and can allocate money to savings and investments or their own lifestyle (but only at a pace they can afford). By simulating market forces on an accelerated timeline, Lifestyle aims to show how saving earlier has an exponential impact on future wealth.

In December 2015, Transformance and Games for Change sought game ideas that will help American youth make sense of their financial future in the Pocket Change Game Design Challenge. The winning game concept will be developed in collaboration with challenge partner Istation an e-learning program used by more than 4 million students and educators globally, and featured on the Pocket Change web portal and mobile app, which is currently being developed by NogginLabs. Learn more here.

About Transformance:
Transformance Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1974, and is a United Way Service Provider as well as a HUD-approved multistate housing counseling and education organization.

In 2015, the agency delivered more than 125,000 consumer interactions through financial counseling, outreach and education. In 2016, the agency expects to serve up to 1 million low and moderate income families with transformative financial learning solutions accessible online and through a new mobile app.

The agency is formally accredited every four years by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Families (COA) to ensure compliance with top industry standards and best practices. The agency has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with satellite offices in Arlington; Austin; Amarillo; Ardmore, Oklahoma; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

To read more about Transformance Inc., or for an annual report, visit


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