Enter the UBS Optimus Foundation’s
$20K Wash Away Mobile Game Challenge


In the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, five phones exist for every two toilets. Even in areas without toilets, a lack of understanding about proper use has led to 60 percent of the population practicing open defecation. This practice is so commonplace that most alternatives are widely rejected and are even seen as unnatural.

In response to this, the UBS Optimus Foundation has launched the WASH Away Mobile Game Challenge. This challenge asks designers to present their ideas for a Java or smartphone game that can educate 5-to-14-year-old children about better hygiene practices including:

  • Negatives associated with open defecation
  • Correct toilet usage
  • Toilet cleanliness and maintenance

The winning design will be rewarded up to $20,000, with up to a $200,000 potential investment to bring the design into reality. Learn more about the game’s requirements and enter your design before June 19 here.


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