G4C Festival: Less than 48 hours to register // Live games to play

All pass prices go up for late registration after Friday, April 10, 11:59 p.m. EST. Register and save now.

Sign up for the Senate Immersion Module (SIM)

Join 99 other players in negotiating, debating, and collaborating on a historic issue or current policy as senators, while learning the American legislative process. (How much is it like House of Cards, anyway?) The SIM is typically played at the newly opened Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate, but attendees can join a special, on-the-road edition on April 21 and learn from the creators in a post-game discussion. Only 100 Senate seats available. Sign up ASAP.


Four live and physical games from Come Out & Play

Our friends from the Come Out & Play Festival show how creators are affecting change with non-digital games through this showcase of four games: ROYGBIV, Use Your Words!, Høot Patøoter (pictured above), and a special game from Brooklyn Game Lab. Come play April 22 and 23 in the NYU Skirball lobby!


Board Game Night, curated by Babycastles

Discover some fantastic board games, including Consentacle (pictured above), The Metagame, Awkward Moment at Work, Howzat, Umpire?, and meet others over a cup of coffee or alcohol at The Uncommons Game Cafe. Limited space. Sign up now to play.

Want more games?

  • Gamedev.world Arcade: Curated by Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, these five games from around the world have something to say about the place they were created in.
  • Meat Demand: A live-action, smartphone-based game about what it takes to feed the world, created by students from Carnegie Mellon University ETC and played at Washington Square Park.
  • Futurecoast: Enter the phone booth (or rather time machine), listen to voicemails from climate-changed futures, and leave your own voicemail.
  • Zombies vs. Superheroes: When the zombie apocalypse comes, what does your city need? Superheroes. Lots of them. Learn basic disaster preparedness and urban survival skills in this live-action game for all ages, presented by The Go Game, at the G4C Public Arcade on April 25. Learn more and sign up to play for free.


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