2014 Games for Change Europe Festival: Education, Activism, and Neurogaming


The Games for Change Europe Festival made its return to Paris last week for its second conference from June 15 to 17, with games and talks from students and experts alike.

On the first day of the Festival, the winning game in the Games for Change Europe Challenge, narrowed down from 96 student teams representing 13 countries, was announced. Congratulations to Outcasted, a first-person simulation for the Oculus Rift of the social exclusion that homeless face daily, on their big win! The final nine nominees in the Challenge also demoed their concepts to Festival attendees.

The following two days featured talks on games as activism and how they can educate, engage, and provide learning opportunities. See tweets from the audience and from speakers, including game designer Lea Schoenfelder (Perfect Woman), Director of Development for Xbox One Multerer Boyd, Epic Games’ UX Manager Celia Hodent, game designer Olivier Mauco, Game the News’ Tomas Rawlings, and more!

See the full recap on Storify.


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