Reactions from both sides of the Schwarzenegger vs Entertainment Merchants Associations Case


This morning Supreme Courts Justices heard the opening arguments of the 5 year long Schwarzenegger vs. the Entertainment Merchants Association case.
This meeting is to determine whether or not video games should be treated similarly to other media, in that certain video games should be made illegal to sell to children due to their content. The case is causing a real stir within other media entertainment groups and supporters. The Entertainment Merchants Association has taken the lead in defending the video game industry, arguing that if the courts rule in favor of changing the First Amendment Rights for video games, other media like music, books and movies may be subject to changes as well. The video game industry has sued and won cases over the last few years based on the freedom of speech argument. has posted two reaction videos from both sides of the case.

The first video is of Paul Smith who, along with Entertainment Software Association president Michael Gallagher:



The second video is of Leland Yee, who represents California in the US Senate:



For a more in depth look into this case, head over to the Supreme Court of the United States blog:


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