Last call for The Knight News Challenge



There are two weeks left in the 5th Annual Knight News Challenge. The media innovation contest awards a total of $5 million each year to digital solutions that advance the sharing of news and the engagement of communities. To date, the Knight News Challenge has awarded over $23 million to 56 innovators, chosen from over 10,000 entries.

Applying for the challenge is literally as easy as submitting an idea. After the deadline of December 1st, experts in community, news and technology will assist the News Challenge team in making their selections. From there, the selected ideas will then be asked to submit a formal proposal. The winners will be announced in June 2011 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In the past three years, The Knight News Challenge has awarded several games that promise to raise awareness, engage communities and distribute news.

Oakland Jazz Scene Game is a 2007 award winner that uses a video game to recreate the vibrant sights and sounds of Oakland, California’s famous 7th Street in the 1940s and 1950s.

Knight News Challenge Winner Paul Grabowicz (2007) from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.
NY News Game is a 2007 award winner that is a series of news games that allows players to make policies and learn how their decisions affect their virtual and real city.

Knight News Challenge Winner Gail Robinson (2007) from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.
Beanstock’d is a 2008 winnder which is an alternate reality game that attempts to make the environmental movement more mainstream and engaging.

News Challenge Winners Angela Antony and Sandra Ekong from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.
The Cartoonist is a 2010 winner that is centered around a online platform that allows users to create playable editorial cartoons and share them with each other.

Knight News Challenge: The Cartoonist from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.

The most exciting development in this year’s challenge is that Google is offering an additional $1 million to help the challenge grow even further. Chris Gaither, Google’s Senior Manager for News Industry Relations explained their donation: “We’re thrilled to be supporting this year’s competition, especially with its focus on four categories — Mobile, Sustainability, Authenticity and Community — that are so important to the Internet and society.”

To learn more about the Challenge, click below:


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