Announcing The Games for Change Fellowship with Tribeca Film Institute



Games for Change has been hearing quite a bit from independent filmmakers looking for assistance in making games as complements to their films, particularly documentary filmmakers. With her background in independent film, Co-President Michelle Byrd is looking at ways to establish institutional collaborations that enable Games for Change to lend its expertise and methodology around creating and publishing effective social impact games to content creators who are new to the space. We’re very excited to announce our first such collaboration with the Tribeca Film Institute, and their Tribeca All Access program.

Tribeca All Access (TAA) is held during the Tribeca Film Festival and serves as a forum to connect established and emerging filmmakers from diverse backgrounds with access to industry professionals to help make their next projects. Since 2004, the program has facilitated 210 film projects with 3,355 industry meetings, no small feat! The program combines access to mentorships, cash grants and beginning in 2011, the ability for its alumni to expand their knowledge around developing multi-platform projects.

We’re pleased to partner with the TAA program with “The Games for Change Fellowship” for the program’s alumni.

Among the many new grants, fellowships and professional development programs that the TAA program is offering, our Fellowship will provide a filmmaker with strategic services to help determine how the development of a game will best fit into their filmmaking process. In addition to having a brainstorming session with Games for Change Co-President, Asi Burak, the recipient will also get a formal introduction to a Games for Change Advisory Board member. (You can find a full list of our Advisory Board here: The Fellowship recipient will also gain a complimentary accreditation to the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival in June 2011. ( And finally as part of the TAA program, we will hold a workshop open to all participants and alumni on developing social impact games.

As more filmmakers begin considering transmedia as a way to diversify their audiences and amplify their reach, we hope that there will be other opportunities for us to offer The Games for Change Fellowship in collaboration with other institutional partners.  Our goal is to empower those interested in the use of games with the knowledge of learning how and where to begin, but also some of the questions to think through to ensure a project’s success.



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