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    The Rise of the ‘Gaming for Good’ Movement

    Mid-’90s pundits lamented that kids who played violent video games were destined for lives of crime, but proponents of gaming for change have given this theory a constructive twist. Practicing positive behavior in a game setting, they say, pays real-life dividends. Read more

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    Saudi Girls Finally Get to Drive, but Only in a Videogame

    But few, if any, videogames can boast developer credentials linked to royalty. “It makes a huge statement,” says Asi Burak, president of Games for Change, a nonprofit that focuses on inspiring social change through videogames. Prince Fahad spoke at the group’s New York gathering in April. Read more

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    Playing Around at the US Dept. of Ed.’s Games for Learning Summit

    “The way to create great games is to start with the assumption that the subject area is awesome,” said Lauri Järvilehto, Rovio’s “Fun Learning Expert” during a panel on his company’s collaboration with NASA on “Angry Birds Space.” This idea was a guiding force at the Games for Learning Summit, co-hosted by the US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology and nonprofit, Games for Change. Read more

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