Win The White House

Release Date: March 1, 2016

Developer: Filament Games

Do you have what it takes to win the presidential election?



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Win the White House teaches students in grades 4-12 about the challenges of running for office by empowering them to create and manage their own presidential campaigns. Players must strategically raise money, poll voters, launch media campaigns, and make personal appearances, all while keeping a close eye on the map as they travel from state to state battling for popular support and electoral votes from the primaries through the general election.

First launched in advance of the 2012 election, the game was recently revamped and launched ahead of the 2016 presidential election. The 2016 game has been updated with new content and will give students a more personal and immersive experience, providing more control and ownership over their candidates and platforms and more challenges to promote deeper learning of current political issues. In the newer version, players can customize their candidate’s appearance, home state, party, slogan, and platform issues.  Players must present policy solutions and defend positions on their selections. In addition to correctly explaining an issue, players are challenged with making policy proposals that align with the party’s approach to the issue at play.

Win the White House has been played more than 3.5 million times by nearly 2.8 million individual users. It is part of the iCivics suite of games which are designed to provide teachers and students with immersive and effective tools for learning about civic issues.

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School Library Journal, EdSurge

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  1. 8
    Andrew Scariati
    Total Game Reviews: 8

    Entertaining, educational, and easy to pick up and play.

    The game does an excellent job of making the nuances of politics accessible, and easy to understand for players of any age or predisposition to political knowledge.

    You start off choosing between the Democratic or Republican parties, which the game helps you decide between (if you are unsure) by presenting the core group of stances that each party takes on major issues. From here, you get to build your own campaign by selecting which issues are most important to you.

    The interface and explanations are all crisp, succinct, and genuinely interesting to read or interact with as you progress through a 10 week campaign trail.

    Strategizing is rather simple – and was enjoyable as the major gameplay mechanic. A little more nuance and complexity might have made the game even better, but all-in-all, the educational aspects are done in a very satisfying way and offer a good gateway to learning about politics, political parties, and what key components make up a political campaign.

  2. 4
    Total Game Reviews: 5

    Any time i wanted to make money it would say i didn’t have enough or i all ready got the polls for it and i couldn’t make any money to do the polls and things like that.

  3. 7
    Screechy F. Baby
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    All i can say about this game is that if were looking at from a education point of view, then it was a good game for education purposes and I would recommend for those still in school wondering about this part of life.

    Now for those who play this and expect some super greatness from a game. This is not the one. This is a time taker if you look to waste time as i kinda felt that i did, but made the most of it until the end of the game. In which i won by 38 votes for my first time playing without doing tutorial. Some might find doing it might get you through a bit faster. I don’t know because I did it without.


  4. 8
    Total Game Reviews: 11

    Makes complex issues look too simplistic , but yet gives enjoyment for an hour or two :)
    Edit: The updated version is better now, increasing to 8.

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