That’s Your Right

Release Date: 9/17/2014

Developer: Filament games

This multiplayer digital card game teaches players about the Bill of Rights.



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That’s Your Right is a fun, captivating single or multiplayer digital card game that teaches students in middle school and high school about the first ten amendments of American Constitution, known collectively as the Bill of Rights. The game is integrated into the comprehensive, multimedia Constitution curriculum at

Designed for play in the classroom, students are dealt a hand of cards, with each card describing a different scenario that would positively or negatively affect their ability to leverage a relevant amendment from the Bill of Rights. Correctly applied Amendment Tokens are placed on the scenario cards to win points, or, conversely, take points away from their opponents. Watching a series of videos about individual amendments reveals secret codes and upgrades to the in-game experience that allow students to customize the look of their game.

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The Leonore Annenberg Institute for Civics







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    The Bill of Rights indicates what a person has a right to in the United States, so shouldn’t everyone know exactly what those rights are? It seems obvious and straightforward, but this information may not resonate with everyone. The trick is to relate a government document to real life experiences and that is exactly what this game does. Players are provided with examples of specific situations of how these rights are exercised in a relatable way. The approach of using a card game to do this informs the player from the beginning that a certain level of careful, even strategic thinking will be involved and helps maintain the player’s focus and interest.

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