Save the Park

Release Date: March 4, 2016

Developer: Schell Games

Join national park volunteers on their quest to save the parks in this fast-paced running game.



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Save the Park is a unique collaborative game where you play as a park volunteer and experience the conservation activities that support the U.S. National Parks.

Launched as part of the campaign to celebrate the 2016 National Park Service Centennial, Save the Park seeks to inspire and encourage a new generation of park lovers to take an active role in helping preserve these important natural and historic resources for future generations.

To drive additional resources to the cause, the American Express Foundation will make a $1 donation to the National Park Foundation for each download of Save the Park occurring on or before December 31, 2016, up to $50,000. The donation will support the NPF’s park conservation and stewardship work.

iOS (Free)

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    Andrew Scariati
    Total Game Reviews: 8

    Entertaining and Educational

    The simplicity of the game is strangely enjoyable and addictive. It takes a few tries to get used to – the usage of both ends of the screen to correspond to the movement of separate characters is definitely a challenge, but in a way that makes the game more rewarding as you progress through the more challenging levels.

    The inclusion of informational facts on loading screens was a fun addition that gave me some interesting knowledge about some of the large US national parks as well as general park-related tidbits. It definitely gave the end of a level a satisfying payoff in addition to unlocking the virtual currency that allows you to use new characters and unlock new stages.

    The game also rewards the perfect amount of currency so that your decision to unlock one thing over another feels more meaningful. The amount of time it will take you to unlock everything is extremely reasonable and feasible for people who want to get everything in a couple of sittings, or people who want to play only on their commutes.

    The game is wonderfully cute and whimsical – from the art to the music – perfect for any age. With the inclusion of the fun facts and the ability to find real volunteer opportunities in-game, I would highly recommend this for kids, teens, parents, or anyone interested in a fun game with tangible real world impact.

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