Parable of the Polygons

Release Date: December 8, 2014

Developer: Nicky Case & Vi Hart

Explore how harmless choices can make a harmful world in this 'playable-post'



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Parable of the Polygons is a playable post on how harmless choices can make a harmful world. Half-videogame, half-blog-post, it’s formatted like an article, but contains dozens of games that let you learn by doing. Using simple geometric shapes, the game shows how small individual biases can become large institutional biases, and is based off the work of Nobel Prize winning game theorist, Thomas Schelling.


Wired, Kill Screen


Polygons 3

Polygons 2

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    Simple + amazing

  2. 10
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    The game uses a very simple analogy to describe a large-scale, everyday problem humanity is facing. Through the interactive sequences, one is bound to think a more than usual about the topic, however, it not only creates awareness, but also offers a solution: it shows a way out of the seemingly irreparable problem.

    One might argue that an addition could be to add real-life quotas for foreigners or other minorities demanded by some politicians, so their consequences would then be visually graspable. However, not only can this be done in sandbox mode, but the beauty of this game also lies in it staying neutral and doing without political side blows by merely pointing out facts.

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    Interesting Game! Give it a shot 😉

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    I liked the simplicity of the game and how you could make adjustments and quickly see the results. It was a great visual representation of the concepts of bias, segregation and diversity.

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