Release Date: November 4, 2013

Developer: Subaltern Games

Ruin the world by manipulating parliaments and exploiting the working class. Also, the map is upside-down.


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You have 12 turns to ruin the world—for your own personal gain, of course.

Neocolonialism encourages players to exert political pressure and capital to gain an economic advantage over their rivals. Each turn consists of three phases where players must buy votes, negotiate with other leaders, and manipulate the international monetary fund. Throughout the game players will build factories, mines, and establish free trade agreements with other players either online or against computer AI, all in an effort to gain as much capital as possible. Whichever player can liquidate the most votes and funnel the most cash into their secret Swiss bank account wins the game.

At first, Neocolonialism can seem overwhelming: Where is the most strategically sound place to buy votes? When is best to build up a country’s resources? What does a fair trade agreement do? How do you keep other investors at bay (and eventually lead them to their own demise)? All newcomers should run through the tutorial at least once to learn the basics. The rest is trial, error, and horrible realizations about the global financial system.

Many strategy games have featured traditional colonialism and warfare but few have explored the brutal reality of greed and indirect political control in the 21st century.

Seth Alter, a former teacher, designed Neocolonialism to be both a deep strategy game and also an educational tool. The AIs will seem difficult to defeat at first as they collude and make secret deals, but after a few rounds of play, it becomes easier to figure out a plan to stay competitive. Veterans that are looking for a challenge can always take on other less predictable human players online.


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