Release Date: August 29, 2012

Developer: Merritt Kopas

Experience the violence of blending in.



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Lim is a game about violence. About the violence of standing out, and even more about the violence of blending in. Players navigate a maze as a multi-colored square, encountering brown and dark blue blocks throughout the series of rooms. The blocks react violently to the player’s presence in the space, shaking erratically and seeking out the player to collide with him/her. As they push the player’s block around, there is often the possibility of being shunted outside of the maze completely, becoming isolated from the experience of the game and being forced to navigate the maze from the outside.

Along with the four arrow keys – which are used for movement – there is one other button available to the player: the blend button. While blending, the player’s block becomes the color of the surrounding blocks, causing them to remain passive as the player passes through. Blending comes at a price though, and can be just as painful and violent as the violence done against the player by the other blocks.

Lim is not without hope though, and suggests that not every block is simply brown or blue. For those who are able to stand the violence of the game and get to the end – from inside or outside the maze – there is the possibility of identification with something that is unlike any of the other blocks that the player had previously encountered. Lim is part of the Games for Change 2013 Festival Babycastles Hall of Fame.

Polygon, Games for Change 2013 Festival Babycastles Hall of Fame




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    Total Game Reviews: 1

    This wasn’t the best game, rating out of 10 I’d say an 8 in the beginning, cause it was kinda intense. And I don’t know what happened but all the sudden my level of interest dropped down to 3 and then 0 and into the negatives, after sometime me block was in plain space, my interest dropped casue I probably didn’t know what to do.

    Lim is interesting, sort of like a puzzle game, a little bit like “Bloxzrs”. You’re piece of block blends in or stands out apart of the others, and your trying to get past other blocks, sometimes there are these violent shakes…….

    Though I didn’t like the game I liked the message it had given, and the way they showed that message is through a game. This game is about “violence! standing out, and even more blending in”. This is such a great message, taking a real life problem—where you may get bullied for being different and trying to blend in don’t make it better. You’re actually experiencing the violence of the game as you get pushed around and are given the option to blend in, this violence gets stronger as you go through the game.

    But at the ending I didn’t know what to do, I guess that’s why my level of interest came down as I said before……

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    It is interesting and scary and stressful and I enjoy it. I think it is sometimes hard to convey what exactly it is you want the user to do, but most of the time it is effective in portraying the dilemma through simplicity.

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    Total Game Reviews: 3

    Oh thank God, I was afraid all of these games were going to be like Cheyenne! Not only does this game utilize a minimalistic artstyle that not only easily conveys the idea of the game, but also eliminates the possibility of this game being perceived as ‘preachy’ as it is far removed on a literal standpoint. The main mechanic of the game is a very interesting one as well, as the focus is to ‘blend in’ by holding the Z key to avoid being attacked. Naturally, one would wish to abuse this by holding down the Z key throughout the game’s entirety, but the devs balanced this by causing the screen to zoom in and violently shake if you hold it for too long. This is a mistake that the Arkham games get wrong, but this 5 minute long independent title was able to work around very easily and intelligently. The only problems with this game are twofold, and sadly they’re pretty big ones. First, the sound design needed a lot of work. This game has really basic and grating sound effects, and absolutely no music at all. Some soft music in the background would have made the experience a lot more palpable. The sound effects coupled with the shaking camera were enough to give me a headache, STAY AWAY FROM THS IF PRONE TO SEIZURES. The other problem I have is that the attacking enemies can both prevent any and all progression and can even glitch you through the game’s walls, locking you out on the other side. This is something they should have noticed and it does take away from the experience, sad to say. Overall, check this out if you have the chance, it takes 5 minutes and is completely free, so really you have nothing to lose.

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    Total Game Reviews: 2

    The concept of the game is really good, the controls are fluent and the story is nice. My only problem is the instructions werent very clear and i often held down the Z button thinking it would change me but instead it hurt me. I also found myself dying t random times for no reason hat so ever. I also did not like the lack of a restart button, this forced me to reload my browser every time I wanted to try again.

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    I honestly was only able to play a few minutes of this game. It was so broken that I couldn’t get past the third room. There is no explanation as to how the controls work, or what exactly the purpose of the "Z" button actually is.some times when i press it i become one solid color for as long as i hold it down , moving slowly as the camera is zoomed in, and other times i immediately change into a solid color and can only turn back if i press z again, then the screen will zoom out and i will move quickly. There is no difference in method for ether of these events, whats even worse is sometimes I will randomly die by , what i assume to be, staying cloaked too long, or just bumping into an enemy.

    I tried playing this game, but the lack of direction made it impossible.

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    Conceptually, Lim is a lot more engaging than the actual experience of game-play. This is unfortunate but perhaps unavoidable. Lim reduces the everyday experience of specific types of difference (gender diversity, queerness, perhaps also racial difference) into universal components to which everyone can relate. You become a simple 2 dimensional block attempting to navigate a maze. When not surrounded by other blocks, you flash rainbow colours, but you soon find that as you come into contact with other single-coloured blocks, that they will attack you unless you press the ‘blend-in’ button. But if you choose to ‘blend in’, your progress is slowed to unimaginably small increments, a claustrophobic and limiting experience all of its own.

    I felt the process of playing Lim mimicked my own experience of difference, but the rudimentary game-play was cut-short by a bug that left me somehow stranded in empty space outside of the ‘maze’. This was liberating for my block, but then defeated the purpose of playing the game in the first place.

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    Total Game Reviews: 4

    The game is simple. It is nice a seems like it would be easy, but it is challenging. I really do not know what I’m supposed to do, but through trial and error I find that you just navigate through and you want to be the same colour as your enemies. The gae freezes whenever you "die" and im notsure if this is intended to happen but it is annoying and should not be created this way. There’s nothing telling you that you lost it appears that the game just crashes. There could be a game over screen with a restart button but theres not. The game could actually be good and is on the right track but honesly i have no idea whats going on.

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    Total Game Reviews: 1

    I like this game. It is fun yet challenging. One thing that bothers me is that whenever I lose, I have to refresh the page just to be able to play again.

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    Total Game Reviews: 1

    Lim was a difficult, but satisfying game. There are many maze challenges, but it was all worth it when I reached the end. The blocks represent humans fairly well: They can’t handle differences. And I do enjoy happy endings. It only took me about 15-25 minutes to play this game ( 5 tries), so not really a quick fix. Very good game, though, and I recommend it to any one who likes platform games.

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