Immigration Nation

Release Date: February, 2014

Developer: iCivics, Filament Games

Do you know how people become citizens of the United States?



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Do you know how people become citizens of the United States? In Immigration Nation, you’ll find out as you guide newcomers along their path to citizenship. Players will learn about immigration laws and what makes someone eligible vs. ineligible to enter and live in the United States.

Players are tasked with guiding boats into the ‘US Immigration Harbor’ and must determine whether they are eligible to enter the harbor and live in the United States based on their short backstory. If they are eligible, admit the boat and select the appropriate port for them to sail into: Born in the USA, Seeking Refuge, Permission to Work, Marriage to a Citizen, Citizen Parents.  If they are not eligible, deny the ship’s entry into the harbor. If you are unsure whether a passenger is eligible or not, select the Harbor Guide for a quick refresher on US Immigration laws.

Immigration Nation is part of a suite of games created by iCivics – an organization whose mission is to engage students in meaningful learning around civics.

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    Total Game Reviews: 4

    Citizenship is a hot topic and with all of its parameters it tends to not be understood properly. This game provides fictional personal backstories to characters who wish to be considered U.S. citizens. It is up to the player to decide whether or not the character’s story makes him or her a citizen or is reason to grant him or her citizenship. The game is trial and error, for even if you are sympathetic towards a particular character the game might not grant them citizenship. Some situations are obvious gray areas, which evokes critical thinking for the player. This is an amazing opportunity to enlighten players on a popular topic with confusing parameters and I would love to see it be taken a step further. For example, even if someone is qualified to become a U.S. citizen the process is still an arduous one. The game makes some mention of the length of time each character would have to wait, but does not go much further than that. Overall it is an interesting and informative game.

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    Total Game Reviews: 2

    I thought this was a good, simplified way to teach about the immigration and visa process. It was interesting even for me to learn about different reasons and if they are strong enough for admittance. I also liked the animation and the interaction with the user. As for changing, I think it would be easy to follow one of the immigrants that is chosen by the user to see the process they need to go through to become a citizen.

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    Total Game Reviews: 2

    This game is really awesome – it reviews the basic ways that people are citizens of the US. Then the game goes over and over these determinants to ensure you can grasp that there are clear ways that people are residents regardless of their nationality.

    Really clear and wonderful!

    PS great music!

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    Total Game Reviews: 2

    A charming and incredibly relevant game about immigration and the United States. Charming and pleasant art, good music, and a game that is simple, intriguing and gets right into the meat of the gameplay, which is helped along by the charming and funny writing.

    The only critique (or issue) that I have is the game feels just somewhat uncomfortable to play; it seems to want to dodge the very real moral implications with denying someone entrance to a country by simply making every choice incredibly clear cut: good people go in, and bad people are turned away. I would say this doesn’t directly detract from the game, as it falls under artistic license more than it does a technical flaw with the piece, but it seems somewhat disingenuous in its tone to say in the least.

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