Fake It To Make It

Release Date: March 13, 2017

Developer: Amanda Warner

A simulation-style game about how fake news is created and distributed.



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Fake It To Make It is a simulation-style game where players take on the role of someone creating and distributing fake news for profit. Players learn how misinformation is created, spread, and emotionally targeted, and leave better prepared to be skeptical of misinformation that they encounter in the future.

Players progress through the game by completing a series of intermediate goals that walk them through the gameplay mechanics and the basics of emotional targeting. They have relative freedom to create the types of sites and articles they’d like. However, the intermediate goals and financial incentives nudge them towards creating politically-divided sites, selecting articles that inspire negative emotions like fear and anger, and distributing their articles to politically sympathetic groups. These incentives are reality-based, in the hope that players will leave better understanding how fake news can spread in the real world, generate healthy skepticism, and investigate dubious claims.  Learn how to spot fake news, and help reduce its reach.

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  2. 10
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    It’s a great game. I really enjoyed it and wish it lasted longer than it did. The tutorial and guide is a bit long, but otherwise it’s a great game.

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    I enjoyed this game and seeing how exactly the fake news that I always see on the internet gets started, and continues to move around the web. However, I was bored with the game once I ran out of money. I was confused at the instructions at first and spent money without really knowing what I was doing, so once it was gone I didn’t really want to continue playing.

  4. 5
    Total Game Reviews: 11

    In real life, most likely thing would be to be a "tabloid" that sells "hot" news(real ones) and "twisted" news which are like click-baiters and occasionally some fake news.

    Only selling fake news as real ones does not make commercial sense as it would lose credibility if every article is fake.

    We should get such an option of posting all the above mentioned news.

    edit:My lower review is to balance the other review which says it "trash" but yet gives 10. The average score did not reflect the game IMO.

  5. 9
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    I found the game to be quite enjoyable. The mechanics are fun, and it’s an interesting concept. The one criticism I have with it is that it’s rather short.

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