Release Date: March 9, 2012

Developer: Anna Anthropy

An autobiographical game that explores the frustrations of hormone replace therapy.



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Anna Anthropy is an American video game designer and critic. She has developed a number of freeware games and is a co-founder and associate editor of The Gamer’s Quarter.

Dsy4ia is a series of mini-games that explore the cultural challenges and personal hardships of being a transgender person. The game is broken up into four sections that shows players the intricacies of gender representation, hormone therapy complications, financial and medical issues, and the journey to things “getting better”.

Contact: Anna Anthropy



  1. 10
    Total Game Reviews: 3

    This is a fascinating, affecting piece of art. It is a shortform autobiographical account of one trans woman’s trials and tribulations with hormone therapy; how it affects her relationships, her personal interactions and how she views herself. A personal exploration of gender and identity in a world where technology has outstripped society.

    Astonishingly emotionally charged for what is essentially a 5-minute Warioware clone.

    This is what indie games are good at.

  2. 10
    Tom Mowbray
    Total Game Reviews: 30

    Yes, incredible work of art. Amazing use of blocky abstract graphics and game mechanisms to convey powerful social messages. Outstanding game for social change!

  3. 9
    Total Game Reviews: 2

    Although not really a game (accordint to Prensky’s definition) and despite the fact that the graphics in this are very old-fashioned, the message is strong. People are not likely to play this more than once, but it will surely affect them and they will show it to their friends. Dys4ia is probably a good effort in changing attitute towards transgendered persons.

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