At Play in the Cosmos

Release Date: January 15, 2017

Developer: W. W. Norton, GEAR Learning, Learning Games Network

Take the pilot's seat and explore the universe in this journey through the cosmos.



Play the Game:

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At Play in the Cosmos puts players in the pilot’s seat, where they journey through space and time in a quest to solve mission challenges. The game helps students build an intuitive understanding of the scale of the universe, the tools astronomers use, and the process of science.

The game aims to help a broad population become scientifically literate citizens. Designed with constant input from both science educators and students, At Play in the Cosmos engages and motivates players, while instilling in future (and current) voters a sense of how science works.   Playing even a few missions will players better understand the structure of our universe and become more familiar with commonly used scientific tools.

PC, Mac ($35)

2017 Games for Change Awards: Best Learning Game Finalist


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    I can’t even find how to get this game! It looks awesome but the publisher needs to get their act together on the website

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    It does look like it would be a very fun and educational game, but I also cannot find it.

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