Against All Odds

Release Date: 2005

Developer: United Nations High Commission on Refugees

Offers short challenges about the global refugee experience.



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Against All Odds is about the global refugee experience from the time people are forced to leave their countries of origin to the beginning of their new life abroad. A series of short challenges illustrates the complexity and danger of the refugee experience.

Microsoft, Ericsson, Datareal AB



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    "Against all Odds" is a very good example on how games can influence and educate people about serious social matters. The game aims to sensitize the players about the crucial issue of refugees and their struggles to properly adapt in a new way life after persecution by the authoritarian regime of their country.

    "Against all Odds" is a simple point and click game. It does not need any special skills to play. Evermore, the procedure of understanding the environment of the game is easy.

    As in matter of graphics, the game could be better as we can state that it lacks of quality. The game was released eleven years ago, so its graphics maybe look old to some players, as it is only composed by 2D animated scenes. However, the aesthetics have a special touch.

    Also, the music faces some issues. The game has not a soundtrack and the sound effects are limited. Most of the times the same sound effects used, although they try to concrete an atmosphere of anxiety and fear, in order to provide a more realistic experience.

    However the issues that the game faces "Against All Odds" can be considered as special serious game, which primarily achieve its main goal, to sensitize the players about the difficulties that refugees face, through a huge range of information and date related to the matter.

    We hereby confirm that the game can be very useful for educational purposes, as it combines interesting interactive activities with greatly important information.

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