• G4C14_YT-plenary

    G4C14: Keynotes and Plenary

    At the 2014 Festival, we heard from top-notch game makers and leading researchers who are drawing on games to tackle intractable challenges in health, economics, education, and more. Read more

  • G4C14_YT-awards2

    G4C14: Awards & Special Events

    Celebrate the best games of 2014, with our Games for Change Awards Ceremony, Pitch Event, Shoot for the Moon Game Design Contest Finals, and the National STEM Challenge Awards. Read more

  • Game Making Toolsall>

  • pickaxe

    Game Development Tools

    Whether it’s your first game or your thousandth, this list has the right tools to bring your game to fruition. Read more

  • music note

    Sound Effects and Music Creation Tools

    Turn up the volume in your game with these audio creation tools, most of which are free. Read more

  • paintbrush

    Game Graphics Tools

    Did you ever want to make a game but didn’t know how to create the graphics? These programs will help! Read more

  • Sites and Blogsall>

  • Filament thumbnail

    Filament Games

    Filament Games employees come together to offer district administrators, classroom teachers, industry members, and game lovers a view into the world of educational game development. Read more

  • Learn_ImpactGames

    Our new project to get at the big picture, recognizing the growing breadth of games, and seeking new coherence in describing their impact. Better guidelines are needed to evaluate which games deserve funding, how to measure and define success, and how to integrate game design with research. Read more

  • NOVA_Labs_logo2

    NOVA Labs

    Participate in real-world investigations by visualizing, analyzing, and playing with the same data that scientists use. Read more

  • Toolboxesall>

  • Game Databases

    This list of resources will help you find even more social impact, learning, and science- and health-related games. Read more

  • Games for Change Meetup Toolkit Version 2.0

    This 12 page, colorful document covers all the basics you need to know to start your own Games for Change Meetup. Topics include: popular types of Meetup to organize, how to select a venue and date, s timeline (with countdown) on how to plan and execute your Meetup, tips on how to network before, during and after your event – and more! Read more

  • Let the Games Begin: a toolkit for making a Game for Change

    Games for Change created a toolkit specifically targeted towards organizations that want to use digital games to further their social-issue driven missions and outreach. The kit is a resource to help organizations develop a game strategy for outreach and to show them the steps and resources that are necessary to lead a successful project. Read more

  • Grant Opportunitiesall>

  • GDC Scholarships

    Attend GDC for free through these one of these scholarships. Read more

  • Informal Science Education

    The ISE program supports innovation in anywhere, anytime, lifelong learning, through investments in research, development, infrastructure, and capacity-building for STEM learning outside formal school settings. Read more

  • The Arts in Media

    The Arts in Media category seeks to make the excellence and diversity of the arts widely available to the American public through the national distribution of innovative media projects about the arts and media projects that can be considered works of art. Read more

  • Booksall>

  • Game design workshop

    Game Design Workshop, Third Edition: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games

    Beginning with an examination of fundamental game design elements, the workshop guides readers though prototyping, playtesting, and redesigning their own games. Read more

  • LevelUp!

    Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game Design

    This book demonstrates everything you need to know about designing great videogames. Read more

  • ProducingGames

    Producing Games: From Business and Budgets to Creativity and Design

    Master the secrets behind video game production – from concept to completion – with these comprehensive tips and tricks from two accomplished, working game producers. Read more

  • Essays and Publicationsall>

  • Impact With Games: A Fragmented Field

    This draft version of “Impact with Games: A Fragmented Field” reveals the fragmentation of the social impact games field in five claims. We’re seeking feedback on this report and invite … Read more

  • MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning

    Description: Games are at the forefront of innovation in the classroom, but the question remains, how can teachers use games effectively to inspire and educate? This is the question that MindShift Guide … Read more

  • Systems-based literacy practices: Digital games research, gameplay and design

    This paper presents two suburban case studies exploring the introduction of digital games into the English curriculum with students who traditionally struggle with literacy. Read more

  • Competitionsall>

  • REVERE-Logo_s

    REVERE Awards

    The REVERE Awards, formerly known as the AEP Awards, is an annual awards program that honors the best learning resources available in the global marketplace. Read more

  • National Stem Video Game Challenge

    National STEM Video Game Challenge

    The National STEM Video Game Challenge is a multi-year competition whose goal is to motivate interest in STEM learning among America’s youth by tapping into students’ natural passion for playing and making video games. Read more

  • Scholastic-Art-and-Writing

    The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (video games)

    The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are an important opportunity for students to be recognized for their creative talents. Each year, the Alliance partners with more than 100 regional affiliates across the country to bring the program to local communities. Teens in grades 7 through 12 can apply in 30 categories of art and writing for the chance to earn scholarships and have their works exhibited or published. Read more