G4C Attends VR/AR/MR for Impact


Earlier this month, Susanna Pollack, president of G4C, gave a talk at G4C Europe’s VR/AR/MR for Impact conference in Aix en Provence, France. The event was hosted at TheCamp, a unique community and campus that focuses on bringing together creators of technology and social innovation. It was an exciting 2 days and congrats to the G4C Europe team for an extraordinary event!

Susanna focused her talk on different types of impact that can be created from a VR/AR/MR experience – from building empathy to cognitive training and rehabilitation, from citizen science to creating social movements and behavior change.  Several especially notable speakers highlighted their groundbreaking work in these fields. Noah Falstein (The Inspiracy) gave an overview of the intersection between neuroscience and VR/AR/MR. Isabela Granic (Play Nice) used the experience DEEP-VR to explore how a VR experience can integrate ideas from behavioural science, biofeedback technology and emotionally evocative design to promote emotional health and well being. Daffy London (Avengers VR, I am Robot) discussed how his recent projects were able to use VR to better explore the themes of self, body image and how to feel comfortable in one’s skin.

Jamie Pallot (Emblematic Group) presented a keynote on immersive journalism using VR and AR, as an effort for viewers to feel empathy in the covered story. Jamie’s talk also reflected on practical and ethical challenges that arise while documenting journalistic work in new formats, such as data-capture, photogrammetry and volumetric video capture. Rachid El Guerrab and Kim Adams (Google Spotlight Stories) presented keynotes that mapped successful production strategies for interactive VR and mobile 360 storytelling. Followed by a workshop that explained to its attendees which kinds of social change projects best suit VR or other immersive formats.

These are just some of the remarkable innovators who are using VR/AR/MR as a tool to explore ideas in new ways. It has been inspiring to see all of these projects come to life and the G4C team is looking forward to seeing how these experiences continue to evolve as more people from across sectors find opportunities to collaborate and unlock the potential of these new mediums.  Learn more about the speakers who participated in VR/AR/MR for Impact here.


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