G4C Launches CS4All Hack League in NYC Middle/High Schools


Games for Change (G4C) is excited to partner with CS4All and the NYC Department of Education to launch the CS4All Hack League. This year, over 60 public middle and high schools from across NYC are invited to participate in a bracket-style competition where students create games to tackle real-world issues aligned with the G4C Student Challenge.  Themes include News Literacy, Wildlife Conservation and Kindness & Empathy. Winning teams of the local and borough-level brackets will advance to a final, city-wide game making competition to win amazing prizes.  All participating students will also be eligible to submit their games to the G4C Student Challenge competition.

Training for teachers to run a hackathon in their schools will be offered in November, and the League will kick-off during CSEdWeek (December 4-10). Educators must have prior CS and/or game design experience to apply for professional development and must meet all eligibility, technology and time requirements outlined in the Teacher Application Form. Apply by November 2nd to join the League!


How to participate


Middle and High school teachers with experience teaching CS and/or game design are invited to apply for the program. To participate, please verify that you meet the below teacher eligibility requirements and then complete this application form by November 2nd.

Accepted teachers will function as ‘program leaders’ for their schools and will participate in the following activities:

  • Receive structured, in-depth professional development in how to facilitate a competitive hackathon-style event in their school (Trainings will be held Nov 18th)
  • Empower students to address real-world issues through collaborative, innovative thinking and game design
  • Implement a Hackathon for students during CSEdWeek (Dec 4-10) (Including recruiting students to participate, running the event and overseeing a live jury to evaluate final projects and select a school winner)
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to your school’s winning team into the next ‘brackets’ of the competition. Attend Borough-Level Hackathon as well as City Level Hackathon if team is chosen.


Teacher Eligibility


  • Must currently work as a Middle or High School teacher in the NYC DOE school system (grades 6-12)
  • School is located in the five NYC boroughs
  • Must meet the time and technology requirements outlined in the Teacher Application Form
  • Must satisfy ONE of the following requirements:
    • Have taught a CS program as part of the CS4All Curriculum or Independently
    • Have taught a Game Design course
    • Participated in the G4C Student Challenge Program


Program Timeline


Nov 2: Deadline to Apply for the CS4All Hack League

Nov 3: Notification Letters sent to applicants

Nov 11/ 18: Teacher Training sessions (only need to attend one day of training)

Dec 4-10: ROUND 1: School-Level Hackathon: 100 teachers/schools run Hackathons during CSEdWeek

Feb 2018: ROUND 2: Borough-Level Hackathon: Winning teams from each school compete against other winning teams w/in their borough

Mar 2018: ROUND 3: City-Level Hackathon: Winning teams from Borough brackets compete in a final, city-wide Hackathon


Questions? Please email [email protected]


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