Announcing One Gamer Fund: Support 7 gaming-related charities this weekend


Donate once, support 7 game-related charities from now through September 24


We are proud to be a part of One Gamer Fund, an initiative to benefit seven game-related charities that support gamers or game developers: Able Gamers, Child’s Play, Global Game Jam, the IGDA Foundation, Stack-Up, Take This, and Games for Change.

Inspired by United Way, One Gamer Fund will raise funds and evenly distribute the proceeds amongst the supported charities, keeping less than half a percent of the money raised to cover its own operational costs.

Here’s how you can support One Gamer Fund this weekend before these opportunities end on September 24.

Meet the One Gamer Fund charities

AbleGamers works to improve accessibility in video games so that everyone can have a great gaming experience. 

Child’s Play improves the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through the power of play.

Games for Change empowers game creators and social innovators to drive real-world change through games.

The Global Game Jam is a worldwide initiative, culminating in an event held every January, to introduce the joy of making games to individuals and communities around the world.

The IGDA Foundation works to support diversity and inclusivity in game development through its scholarships and other programs, increasing the funnel of diverse talent entering game development, helping companies create a more inclusive environment, and retaining diverse talent already in the industry.

Stack-Up supports military service members and veterans through their love of video games, bringing veterans to gaming events and providing video games to military servicemen around the world.

Take This works to educate, inform, and advocate for game developers and gamers about mental health issues.



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