Games for Learning Summit at #G4C17: Study up on the latest trends and games 📝

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Games for Change Festival - Games for Learning Summit

Learn about games that teach
Sharing new projects and research that evidence the power of game-based learning to transform education in and out of school

The third annual Games for Learning Summit, co-hosted by the Entertainment Software Association and Microsoft, will feature diverse perspectives on revolutionary models for distribution, sustainability, and discoverability through both inspirational talks and practical discussions. Investors, researchers, and designers will reflect on their lessons learned and the future potential of learning games.

Keynotes include:

  • Michael D. Gallagher (president and CEO, Entertainment Software Association) shares the positive impacts to learning, innovation, and jobs being made by the digital games industry.
  • Deborah Quazzo (founder and managing partner, GSV Acceleration) gives a talk about the future of game-based learning from purely a business and market standpoint.
  • Constance Steinkuehler (professor, University of California, Irvine) shares 10 important findings from the research on games for impact over the last decade.
  • Jessica Lindl (global head of education, Unity Technologies) speaks about democratizing learning, creativity, opportunity and impact.


Art from Alphabear

Words to the wise, from the wise

  • Erin Hoffman-John (CEO, Sense of Wonder) distills lessons from three years at GlassLab Games with topics including game-learning design collaboration, reversing the player-as-consumer paradigm, formative assessment, and mapping the learning game frontier.
  • David Edery (CEO, Spry Fox) talks about the process of developing Alphabear into an edu version.
  • Jesse Schell (CEO, Schell Games) highlights best practices for creating educational and transformational games, including discoveries around understanding the mind of the player, satisfying gatekeepers, leveraging experiences outside the game, how get funding, and much more.
  • Rachel Alves (digital strategist, NORAD) shares what it was like to be at Ubisoft and help organizers with educational learning products improve literacy among displaced Syrian children.


Get schooled by panels of educators and more…

  • VR in Learning: Teachers and developers from Filament Games and Schell Games discuss how virtual reality (VR) can help in the classroom. The panel will be moderated by Mark DeLoura (games and education consultant).
  • Marketing Across Consumer/K-12: Most developers feel like they have to either focus on marketing their game to consumers or to schools. Hear from companies trying to span the gap between those two in this panel with Neal Shenoy (CEO & co-founder, BEGiN), Meenoo Rami (manager, Minecraft: Education Edition), and Lauri Järvilehto (CEO, Lightneer). The panel will be moderated by Tony Wan (managing editor, EdSurge).
  • Inclusivity and Diversity in Content: How do we make sure content is inviting as many learners as possible? Sandhya Nankani (founder, Literary Safari), Ingrid Simone (executive editor, Toca Boca), and Barbara Chamberlin (game designer/professor, NMSU Learning Games Lab) discuss inclusivity and diversity in content.
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Meet the curators
Please give a warm welcome to the great minds who are curating the Games for Learning Summit.

Michelle Miller is the co-founder and president of Games and Learning, an information platform dedicated to improving kids’ lives through news, analysis and industry leadership for developers and investors. She first developed the initiative during her tenure as managing director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center. An early e-game producer, Michelle led PBS KIDS Interactive during its initial start-up phase. She has also consulted for kids’ media and e-learning companies.  

Mark DeLoura is a veteran technologist, recently completing a term as senior advisor for digital media at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Since returning to Seattle, Mark has worked on K-12 computing education and the use of games for learning. He maintains a weekly newsletter called the Level Up Report. Prior to joining the White House, Mark worked in leadership positions at Sony, Nintendo, Google, Ubisoft, and THQ, among others.   


Other opportunities for participating in the Festival:

  • Pitch your in-development game: Submissions to our on-stage Pitch Event close on June 30. Making a game for civic engagement or in response to current political events? We want to hear from you!
  • Make VR games for neuroscience: Are you a VR game creator or neuroscience researcher? Apply to join our VR Brain Jam (July 28-30). Participants will receive free passes to the Festival and VR for Change Summit (July 31 – August 2) and may have a chance to present their prototypes at the Summit.
  • Volunteer at the Festival: In exchange for volunteering, we invite you to attend part of the Festival, where you will hear from experts, meet others in our community, and experience new games.
  • Book your booth in the G4C Marketplace: Our b2b expo at the Festival invites companies and game studios to demo their games, technologies, and platforms to potential partners and clients.


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