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Dear G4C Community,

In light of the recent election, we want to shine light on the inspiring work of our community, using games to make a positive impact on the world! G4C is committed to inclusivity and tolerance, and will continue to promote games on political issues, empathy and diversity.

Games can be a powerful tool in driving social change and inspiring empathy, and our community is thus a force for good. Please use G4C as a resource in these months ahead: share your work so we can help support it; explore games about politics, diversity, mindfulness and empathy; and reach out if you have further thoughts on how to use games to heal, inspire, and enrich our communities.

Some games that may help enlighten and inspire during this difficult time include Nevermind, Mission US:City of Immigrants, Win the White House, Gone Home, Life is Strange, Papers Please, Half the Sky Movement: The Game, and many more.

We’re here to help in whatever ways we can. Don’t hesitate to reach out!


The Games for Change team


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