Epic Orphan Nuclear Weapons Dossier: USA


Greetings, secret agents! As a part of Mission Epic Orphan, our crowdfunding campaign that will help make nuclear risk game Epic Orphan a reality, we would like to share with you declassified information about countries that are actively working with nuclear weapons. This will give you an idea of some of the cases you will work on in Epic Orphan and that are currently facing our world today.

You can help us in the final days of this mission, too! See the redacted information that looks like this:           ?

Do some of your own legwork and tweet us a nuclear weapons fact that you found surprising about this country with the hashtag #EpicOrphan and link to the Kickstarter page for a chance to win passes to next year’s 2017 Games for Change Festival, the annual conference in New York City that celebrates games for social impact. Selected agents’ facts will appear in our updated dossier and will also be commended on our Twitter feed. The Festival passes will be raffled to one agent at the end of our Kickstarter campaign (November 20).

We look forward to your help! Stay tuned for additional dossiers. Good luck, agents!

Country: United States of America
Leader: Barack Obama
Nuclear weapons possession since: 1945
Number of weapons in nuclear arsenal: 4,571
Number that are operational: 1900

Background: The United States has a very intimate history with nuclear weapons, as it was the first to successfully develop and to use a nuclear weapon in the world. More recently, President Obama has gone great lengths to create new provisions that greatly reduce the number of active nuclear weapons in the US and Russia. Since 2010, with the enactment of this “new START” treaty, the US has stated they renounce the creation of new nuclear weapons.

Additional findings on nuclear arsenal:

  • Total nuclear tests: 1,054
  • Most recent nuclear test: September 23, 1992
  • Number of nuclear weapons waiting to be retired: 2,500

Known nuclear incidents:

  • By January of next year President elect, Donald Trump, will be in office. Along with his new responsibilities, Trump will also gain access to the nuclear codes for the United State’s nuclear arsenal. The question now remains of how the new leader will use this tremendous power. (more info)
  • The United States is warning North Korea of its nuclear program activities by sending a nuclear submarine to one of its planned drills in Guam. (more info)
  • In 1966, the US military accidentally dropped four atomic bombs in Spain, when a US military bomber plane crashed into a refueling plane above the country. (more info)
  • A Canadian diver recently found what seems to be the long missing Mark IV nuclear bomb that got lost when a bomber crashed near the region during the Cold War. (More info)
  • Recent territorial disputes between China and its neighbors has made the thought of military conflict in the region quite real. The US and its allies are increasing patrols, especially with China modernizing their nuclear weapons. (more info)  
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