Happy #GivingTuesday: Time to Play Games and Give Back!

With 92 games now linking to over a dozen charities, the Charity Game Jam has been a huge success! During this weeklong event, hosted by online game-making community One Game a Month, game developers from around the world created or updated games that are connected to charities and causes of their choice.

We want to give a tremendous thank you to everyone who participated in Charity Game Jam 2 Turbo. Both us and One Game a Month are blown away by the support and the quality of entries that came in.

To celebrate #GivingTuesday, we’re proud to present some games that we hope will encourage giving year-round. All of the submitted games can be played at CharityGameJam.com for free, and one intrepid YouTuber has created a let’s play video series that features gameplay from all of the entries. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Give Me That Turbo

Give Me That Turbo
Developers: Davitsu Vod Davidibi, Sandra María Garzón Hernánde
Charity: Typhoon Haiyan Fund
A competitive endless runner for two players on one keyboard.

Developer: Liz Threlfo
Charity: Brain Foundation
A shape-rotating puzzler designed with the goal of self-improvement.

Developer: Inglenook
Charity: Reprieve UK
A peek into a post-apocalyptic future that’s over-run with drones (but also has beautiful pixel art).

Mini Hero Turbo

Mini Hero TURBO
Developer: Wallace Morais
Charity: Games for Change
A pattern-matching puzzle adventure game.

Super Smile Factory
Developer: Joe Lesko
Charity: Smile Foundation
An emoticon-matching game that’s aiming to raise $500 for its charity. An anonymous donor has pledged $200 if players reach 20,000 Smiles worldwide by January 1.

Developers: Lindsay Cox, Christina Ramey
Charity: Games Aid
anykeytoliveA particularly spooky walk through the woods that was initially designed for the Asylum Jam, an event to explore horror gaming outside of mental health stereotypes.

Press Any Key to Live
Developer: Clint Bellanger
Charity: American Heart Association
A heart-breaking, one-button story. (Pictured right)

There are many more games to play at CharityGameJam.com. Share your favorites in the comments.


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