Charity Button Challenge:
November 23-30


Welcome to this year’s Charity Game Jam, hosted by our friends at One Game a Month!

This weeklong charity jam, starting November 23 (in four days!), challenges developers to create games that also donate to causes of their choice. They can highlight the importance of a cause you hold dear, tell the stories behind a little-known issue, or encourage giving and acts of kindness in general.

The theme of this year’s Charity Game Jam is the Charity Button Challenge. All you have to do is add a button to your game that brings players to any charity’s donation page.

How it Works
1. Grab a pre-made donation button and hyperlink it to the donation page of the charity of your choice or G4C to help spread more positive social impact through games.

2. Create your game and insert the donation button into it. The button can go anywhere, whether it’s on the title screen or in a corner of the screen throughout the game.

3. That’s it — you’re officially part of the Charity Button Challenge! We’re so happy you joined! You — not G4C or One Game a Month — will own the game, so you’re allowed to sell, distribute, or give it away. Of course, we’d like to highlight the games created during the jam, so please send a link to your finished build here.

4. BONUS: Of the games that have submitted by November 30 at 11:59 p.m. PST, our judges will select their favorites and highlight them on 1GAM and G4C’s site on #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving that falls on December 3 this year.

By making a game that supports a cause, you’ll have become part of the social impact games movement, joining a group of developers and creators that aims to improve the world through gameplay. Thank you so much for considering helping us out. We are very grateful for your support.

Share your game-in-development and see what’s happening at #charitygamejam.

How do I add the button?
Adding one of these buttons with a hyperlink is so easy that you’ll probably be able to do it in five minutes or less. We’ve provided sample artwork—including the button and linking it to the charity of your choice is up to you.

Where should I add the button?
The bottom-right corner is a great location. You don’t necessarily need to change anything else in your game; you are allowed to sell your game, distribute it anywhere you like, or give it away. Consider the addition of the button a contribution of time and effort.

I’m new to game-making. What are some tools I can use to make games?
Check out our Resources section for some ways to get started.

I’m not able to donate any money to charities linked to in this jam.
A donation of your time by making a game about an important social issue or the spirit of giving is also super important! Even playing a charity game created during this jam and forwarding it to a friend would be wonderful and very helpful. <3

Legal Information and Fine Print – Please read!
The team/makers of the game will not include any content or code that (i) infringes or misappropriates the rights of any third party, including without limitation patent, copyright, trademark, rights or publicity and privacy; (ii) contains any defamatory, libelous, pornographic, illegal or otherwise inappropriate content; or (iii) suggests or implies that G4C endorses, is affiliated with or otherwise approves of the game or the content thereof. The team/makers of the game shall defend and indemnify G4C from and against all claims, action or liability arising out of the game produced as part of this event. The team/makers of the game will include a disclaimer stating that the inclusion of a link to G4C’s donation page does not imply that G4C approves, endorses, is affiliated with or is otherwise responsible in any way for the game or any aspect thereof.


2 Responses to Charity Button Challenge:
November 23-30

  1. Harry Red says:

    Is this for US-only developers or is it open to everybody?

    Any restrictions on platforms? (e.g. iOS only, etc.)

    (‘All you have to do’ and ‘distribute it anywhere you like’ would seem to suggest there are no such restrictions. Just making sure.) =)

  2. Games for Change says:

    You’ve got it right — no restrictions on platforms or location. Looking forward to your game! Good luck, and let us know if you have any other questions.

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