Crowd Around: Crowdfunding Games for Change (August)

With so many crowdfunding platforms and many more projects, it’s hard to keep track of it all! The Games for Change staff will regularly put together listings of projects that are seeking funding or have been successfully funded. Our inaugural list ranges from racing games to board games, each tackling a real-world issue. Check them out below and email us about other crowdfunding projects here.

Games Seeking Funding:


Project Bliss

Pitch: A game about exploring a sacred and mystical land in need of healing.
Ending: September 6
Goal: $150,000
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Sony consoles

Sprung from the developer’s struggles with anxiety, Project Bliss was created to help players overcome obstacles and difficult times in their lives. Bliss aims to tell narrative through gameplay in a way similar to Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, and Journey. The goal is for the player to rise up alongside the main character, who has hit rock bottom and has little strength to move forward, as they progresses and improve their health.


The Solar Games

Pitch: A solar kart racing game incorporating real locales, solar physics, a comedic attitude, and a positive social impact worldwide.
Ending: September 6
Goal: $346,532
Platforms: Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Linux

SolarGamesThe Solar Games is a self-described Mario Kart meets Fallout racing game in which players race over realistic tracks based on real-world environments. The game features multiple race modes in both single- and multiplayer, as well as five kart classes. While racing, players earn Carbon Points that players can spend to upgrade their cars. For gamers that don’t want to wait, they can purchase Solar Cash to unlock kart upgrades faster. Fifty percent of these purchases go to a 0% interest fund for microfinance institutions in Haiti, allowing Haitians to install solar systems for schools, medical clinics, and households.


Choice: Texas

Pitch: An interactive fiction game based on abortion access in the state of Texas.
Ending: September 18
Goal: $9,250
Platforms: Web

Choice: Texas is meant to draw attention to the hardships of getting an abortion in Texas, including legal, geographical, financial, and other restrictions. It asks players to consider the impact these restrictions have on women seeking reproductive health care. The game is billed as interactive fiction, based on extensive research and real issues women are facing.

Creating Educational Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) Games

Pitch: Seekers Unlimited wants to release six of their classroom-tested educational role-playing games and other fun LARP scenarios!

Ending: August 30
Goal: $8,000
Platforms: N/A

You most likely have played a LARP before, without even knowing it. Model UN, mock trials, and disaster simulations are all LARPs in which players embody someone else. Seekers Unlimited is looking to create more educational larps and modify existing ones to adhere to the Common Core State Standards.


The Lost Bee

Pitch: A children’s eBook app that teaches about honey bees with a moving story and games that replicate honey bee jobs.
Ending: September 13
Goal: $32,000
Platforms: E-book

Bees and other pollinators have been in danger recently with pesticides, colony collapse disorder, and genetically modified organism crops. Kids reading the e-book will learn and provide an environmental base in the coming generation, while parents have the means to impact the environment now. Kids will learn through reading as well as through e-book games, which replicate real honey bee activities such as honeycomb cell building, hive cooling, and foraging for nectar and pollen.

Funded Games:


Antimatter Matters: A Quantum Physics Board Game

Pitch: Competitive, team and cooperative play for 2 to 6 players in a race to be the first to build an atom out of the very building blocks of the universe.
Total Funded: $40,289 of $33,000 goal
Platforms: Boardgame

The goal in Antimatter Matters is to collect the right elementary particles to assemble an atom. Players learn about quantum physics while having to avoid real-world hazards like quantum entanglement, antimatter collisions, cosmic radiation, and solar flares messing up your instruments. There is also a cooperative mode where one board competes against another board, ideal for classrooms, or where smaller teams of scientists compete on the same board.


Freedom: The Underground Railroad

Pitch: A cooperative game where players are abolitionists striving to end slavery in the U.S.
Total Funded: $70,941 of $10,000 goal
Platforms: Boardgame

Players work cooperatively to raise the strength of the abolitionist movement as well as helping slaves escape to Canada while avoiding slave catchers. If both conditions are achieved, players will recreate history and win. While playing the game, players learn about the hardships the abolitionist movement faced.


My Gift of Grace

Pitch: A game that helps us talk about death and end-of-life issues.
Total Funded: $41,338 of $38,000 goal
Platforms: Card game

It’s hard to talk about end of life issues, so My Gift of Grace aims to approach a difficult topic with the support of your whole family, and to improve your quality of life. The game is divided into question cards that prompt a discussion, statement cards that players edit to reflect their beliefs, and action cards that players perform to continue the discussion.



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