Jesse Schell Receives 1st ‘Game Changer’ Award

We’ve seen so many game-changing creators over Games for Change’s 10-year history; we really ought to start giving them awards. … And this year, we are!

Jesse Schell is a modern day Da Vinci — an award-winning game designer, CEO of Schell Games (80+ employees), distinguished professor at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, stellar public speaker and an acclaimed book author.

He is also the first recipient of the Game Changer Award, a special honor that recognizes significant, global contributions of practitioners who inspire and mentor new generations of game creators. He will receive the award at the Games for Change Festival’s Awards Ceremony on June 18, following his keynote address.

At the Festival, Schell will also unveil two games: Lexica, a game focused on encouraging students to read more, and Mukashi Mukashi, a syntax and story-telling game based on Japanese folklore. Both Lexica and Mukashi Mukashi are in the first set of games to be released in 2014 by Amplify, an independent subsidiary of News Corp. that will be leading a panel at the Festival featuring their new portfolio of digital games.

For the first time, the independent and commercial designers involved in conceptualizing and developing these games will gather at a public event to discuss this work and share what they have done so far. Coming from across the U.S. and U.K., they will discuss their work on games, which span topics from English language arts to STEM.

Interested in hearing about the latest and greatest in learning games and games for social impact? Register to attend the Festival by June 7 here: http://bit.y/G4C13Fest. [Update: The registration period has closed and the link is no longer active.]


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