USAID and Games for Change release Half the Sky mobile games

Photo by Ed Owles, Worldview
It was only a few months ago when we were in India and Kenya testing our Half the Sky mobile games that we produced with Show of Force (USA).

Sharing these games for the first time was a wonderful experience and our efforts were even covered on Kenya’s NTV. But now, it’s your turn to play them too.

Through the Half the Sky Movement’s partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), all three mobile games have officially launched. These titles are being released as part of USAID’s continued support of gender and family issues and their commitment to increase global awareness to bring about social change in the areas of health, gender equality and empowerment.

If you’re interested to play, here are descriptions of the games that have launched:

Providing insights into maternal health, 9 Minutes gives women the education and framework that leads to healthy pregnancy and to help lower maternal death rates. To raise awareness on prevention techniques and decrease school absentee rates, Worm Attack! shows children how to prevent the transmission of intestinal worms with medicine. And finally, Family Choices aims to create a better perception of the role of women and girls in the family through a strong narrative gameplay style. To get a deeper look into these games, check out this sneak peak we offered in October.

“These new mobile games advance two of our most important priorities–the promotion of gender equality and the use of science and innovation to accelerate development,” said USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah.  “We are pleased to partner with the Half the Sky Movement in creating innovative, accessible solutions to reach and educate women and girls about critical social, economic, and health issues.”

With funding from USAID under the FHI 360-managed C-Change Project, the mobile games in this project were designed and developed by Mudlark (UK), distributed by E-Line Media (USA) and with Hindi language support from Reverie Language Technologies (India). Their backing and dissemination is supported by multiple non-governmental organizations throughout India and East Africa.

The games will be available for download through in-country app stores (Nokia, Safaricom, GetJar, and Appia), but if you want to get your hands on these mobile games right now, contact us via hts [at] to get started.

You can read USAID’s full press release here.


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