Full schedule for Games for Change @ GDC released

There’s one month to go before we bring our inaugural daylong summit to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, on March 6.

Early bird pricing ends on February 2nd – so take advantage of GDC’s discounted pricing by registering now.

For those of you who haven’t registered, allows us to stoke your curiosity by showing you what you can expect at the Games for Change @ GDC Summit



How Designing for Love Can Change the World – 10:00am

In a series of dynamic micro-lectures moderated by Jane McGonigal, six game designers will discuss how games can generate profound emotional impact.

Battlestorm: Games as a Powerful Tool for Community Engagement – 11:15AM

Zynga New York and The Knight Foundation will team up to share a postmortem of Battlestorm, a project that combines multiple gaming approaches to empower youth around hurricane preparedness in a Gulf Coast community.

WeTopia: Game Companies & Nonprofits Creating New Business Models – 11:50AM

Lincoln Brown, CEO of Sojo Studios, will outline the unique “hybrid business model” behind his studio’s premier Facebook game “WeTopia”.

AAA Game Mechanics Inspiring Learning and Assessment Mechanics – 1:45PM

Jan Plass of NYU’s Games for Learning Institute will analyze how popular game mechanics from successful commercial games can inspire the gameplay and evaluation of games that aim to foster learning.

“Elephant Safari: Milan 2011″ and “Activate! Abu Dhabi” will be featured
in our Microtalks for Change panel.


Winning Behavior-Change Game Design & Engagement – 2:20PM

Following last year’s highly popular panel, this updated version will provide new case studies, research, and practical design takeaways from compelling projects with the purpose of affecting sustainable personal development.

From Milan to Abu Dhabi: Microtalks for Change – 3:00PM

This jam-packed microtalks session will look at innovative games for change from all over the world: Abu Dhabi, Milan, the United Kingdom, to all across America.

More Than Fun: Designing Games With Purpose – 4:30PM

Phil Stuart of the Award-Winning studio Preloaded in the UK will break down some of the game design techniques his studio employs to create games for change that receive millions of plays.

Keynote: Ian Livingstone, From Dungeons to Downing Street – How games are growing up for good! – 5:05PM

The founder of Eidos (Tomb Raider) is giving back – from raising the profile of the industry at 10 Downing Street, to GamesAid, a unique charity formed by the UK gaming industry.



Ian Livingstone, the Life President of Eidos, will speak about how he’s helping
the UK gaming industry give back.

We will be featuring the work and thoughts of over 20 speakers during our daylong summit. Representing the game development community will be…

Scott Brodie (Heart Shaped Games), Jane McGonigal (Social Chocolate), Martin Hollis (Zoonami), Chelsea Howe (Social Chocolate), Mitu Khandaker (The Tiniest Shark Ltd.), Michael Molinari (Namco Bandai), Scott Hoffer (Zynga New York), Lincoln Brown (Sojo Studios), Michael Kim (Kairos Labs), Colleen Macklin (Parsons / Local No. 12), David Mariner (FunRigger), Mathias Crawford (Natron Baxter Applied Gaming), Rob Davis (Playniac), Nick Fortugno (Playmatics), Phil Stuart (Preloaded)

In addition, our summit will feature dedicated members from academia, games research, and foundations, including…

Jane Pincknard (UC Santa Cruz), Jan L. Plass (NYU Games for Learning Institute), Nicole Lazzaro (XEODesign), John Murphy (ChicagoQuest Schools), Jessica Goldfin (Knight Foundation), Mayur Patel (Knight Foundation)


Early bird pricing ends on February 2nd and registration closes on February 29th.


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