Getting through high school in a year with cloud computing

This post is part of September 2011’s monthly blog theme, “Back to School“.

At the 2011 Cloud Gaming Conference, Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, made a bold proclamation,

“We’ll be able to teach a full career of high school in less than a year.”

Backing up this incredible claim was Bushnell’s plan to create more opportunities to use cloud-based software in school. He cites, “If you go into a class of fifth graders – say there’s 30 of them – and they all have computers, I guarantee you that 10-15 per cent of these computers do not work. They’re virus infected nightmares. Every time you have a company that has 30-40 computers, the system’s administration of all those computers is a nightmare.”

His goal is to allow students to tap into cloud-based software to remotely access lessons, games, and different software applications in the classroom. Having software “live in the cloud” allows computers to run advanced software that doesn’t actually exist on the computer. In that way, a less capable computer can stream software running on a more powerful computer. This concept would not only benefit students, but teachers as well.

“If we can have a kid learn twice as fast we can pay teachers twice as much.”

To learn more about Bushnell’s plan, read the full article here.


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