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“Games for Change Summit” is the latest addition to Game Developers Conference


On Tuesday, March 6th 2012, Games for Change will be holding a new day-long Summit at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. GDC is the longest running and … Read more

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Are there “good” and “bad” games for change?


Earlier this week, a message was sent to our Games for Change Google Group that stirred our community. The seemingly harmless post entitled, “Best Practices for Marketing Games” was a simple … Read more

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Meet the players and game that helped fight AIDS in 10 days


Over the past two days, we’ve seen our community share a variety of links on our Twitter, Facebook, and Google Group applauding the efforts of Foldit. This remarkable game and the … Read more

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Interview with Phil Stuart of Preloaded Studios


For the past 11 years, London’s Preloaded has made award-winning games that focus on education, entertainment, and the arts. From online Flash games to casual titles on multiple platforms, Preloaded … Read more

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Games for Change (and more!) at the Social Good Summit on 09/20/11


Now in its second year, Mashable’s Social Good Summit is the place for big ideas to meet new media to create exciting social innovations. We’re happy to announce that we … Read more

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Games for Change named a 2011 Tech Awards Laureate by The Tech Museum


Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve been named a laureate for the 2011 Tech Awards by The Tech Museum. We are among the 15 global innovators recognized for applying technology … Read more

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Alison Norrington talks about the StoryWorld Conference + G4C discount

As more content creators, activists, and story tellers strive to compete for attention, many are experimenting with other media to create broader reach. The need to use “transmedia”, or multi … Read more

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Register now: MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media + Learning Competition 4


Our friends at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, in collaboration with Mozilla and HASTAC, are excited to announce the 4th Digital Media and Learning competition, which will offer up … Read more

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Getting through high school in a year with cloud computing

This post is part of September 2011’s monthly blog theme, “Back to School“. At the 2011 Cloud Gaming Conference, Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, made a bold proclamation, “We’ll be … Read more

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Playpower: Can a $10 computer change the world?


This post is part of September 2011’s monthly blog theme, “Back to School“. For many, the idea of changing the world through technology conjures up ideas of high-tech gadgets costing … Read more

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