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Fate of the World interview with Klaude Thomas

Fate of the World interview with Klaude Thomas

The aptly titled “Fate of the World” is an ambitious social impact game in which you are a world leader tasked with tackling the climate issues of the planet. The … Read more

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Games for Change partners with the World Bank on game projects

World Bank

Today I’d like to take a moment to discuss one of the new services Games for Change has begun providing this year. Along with our continued involvement in the production … Read more

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Announcing The Games for Change Fellowship with Tribeca Film Institute


    Games for Change has been hearing quite a bit from independent filmmakers looking for assistance in making games as complements to their films, particularly documentary filmmakers. With her … Read more

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Last call for The Knight News Challenge


    There are two weeks left in the 5th Annual Knight News Challenge. The media innovation contest awards a total of $5 million each year to digital solutions that … Read more

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Interview with Radwan Kasmiya of Afkar Media


    While other forms of media regularly discuss the Middle East, whenever it shows up in video games, there’s often controversy. From the new Medal of Honor game to … Read more

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‘People Power’ interview with Steve York


    If the name Steve York rings a bell, it’s probably because you know his previous transmedia project, A Force More Powerful. The documentary, book and more importantly, the … Read more

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Reactions from both sides of the Schwarzenegger vs Entertainment Merchants Associations Case


  This morning Supreme Courts Justices heard the opening arguments of the 5 year long Schwarzenegger vs. the Entertainment Merchants Association case.

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How the ABC News iPad app is adding interactivity to election night


  For many, watching election night coverage is a game within itself. You make bets, you take informed guesses and you watch the results live on TV, similar to Fantasy … Read more

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