Stan Lee is fighting for our rights

Stan Lee, Video Game Voters Network
The legend behind the greatest names in comic books, Stan Lee, recently sent out an open letter to everyone and the Video Game Voters Network. The VGVN is an American organization that aims to get more gamers to become registered voters so they can protect video games and their First Amendment rights. Stan Lee is encouraging more gamers to take up the flag of the VGVN and defend themselves as game creators and/or enthusiasts.

If there is a person who can understand what game creators are going through now, it may be Stan Lee. Back in the 1950s when Stan Lee was creating legends that still exist today, he had to fight legislation against comic books. From comic burnings to laws that made it illegal to sell comics without a license, Stan Lee stood at the forefront of their defense. 50 years later, he says the same issues, arguments and laws are popping up again, only instead of comics, it’s video games.

He believed then that the laws that were trying to be passed were unconstitutional and he wants to convince other people to prove the same thing again to the U.S. government. In a time where people can easily band together and spread messages, the VGVN and Stan Lee’s message could be effective.

Learn more about Stan Lee’s legacy on his Wikipedia page.


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