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Games for Change Meetup Everywhere

Today we’re delighted to announce a new tool that will assist our community to discuss social impact games. We created a Meetup Everywhere page. is a tool that allows like-minded individuals to gather and produce events about shared interests. We set up this tool because of the great demand from friends and colleagues who want to spark Games for Change events and activities in their communities. With our Meetup Everywhere page, we’re encouraging everyone to get together and self organize their own Meetups.

Now everyone can play, make, learn and more importantly, have a free and easy way to connect with one another and discuss games that can positively impact our world.

To get started with your own Meetup or to see if there are any in your area, check out the page here.

To get assistance in setting up a Meetup in your area, contact our Community and Content Manager, Jeff Ramos here:

jeff (at)

We can’t wait to see more and more Games for Change Meetups pop up all over the world! And don’t forget to any tweetsphotos, and videos with #G4CMeetUp


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  1. I started with reading a post in August, but now I cannot get enough. This site is absolutely amazing and you have so many great ideas for positive change. Excellent job!

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